Bio360 Expo

Bio360 Expo will take place in Nantes, France, on 8-9 February 2023.

The exhibition, which spans 12,000 m2 in the prestigious ExpoNantes, Parc des Expositions Hall XXL, offers an exceptional opportunity to meet an outstanding range of solution providers from all spectrums of bioenergy, BECCU/S, biochar and building materials. bio/renewable construction, among more than 450 exhibitors from more than 35 countries.

Main themes of the expo include:

Solid bioenergy : biomass and wood-energy, agricultural co-products, csr, co-generation, district and industrial heating/cooling, and renewable green gas (synthetic methane, green hydrogen, syngas)
Liquid bioenergy : biofuels for the road, maritime and air transport sectors
Gaseous bioenergy : biogas, biomethane, bioNGV, green hydrogen for local consumption or wider distribution
Biosourced and renewable materials for construction : capture and use of CO 2 , biochar, algae and/or rapeseed and hemp residues for concrete; lignin or biochar as a substitute for fossil bitumen to bind asphalt; lignin or CO 2 to make foams for doors or window frames; hemp for insulation among other innovative solutions for a healthy, low-carbon or even negative carbon footprint building.
Biochar : Biochar has a wide and evolving range of uses in agriculture and soil management, for animal husbandry, water management, construction, biocomposites etc. and it is one of the few negative emissions technologies identified by the IPCC. With biochar, large volumes of excess atmospheric CO2 can be extracted and sequestered
Carbon Capture and Utilization/Storage (CCUS) : CO2 capture and utilization is a key tool to reduce future carbon emissions and can also contribute significantly to replacing fossil sources through downstream processing leading to a wide range of products (chemicals, fuels, materials… the list goes on), the end goal being to arrive at a world where all carbon is renewed and the carbon residing in the geosphere (fossil carbon) remains in basement.

Visit Bio360 Expo: Parc des Expositions – Route de Saint-Joseph de Porterie – 44300 Nantes – France

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