Blue Spirit Aero usses Dassault technology to boost hydrogen-powered aircraft

The cloud-based 3DExperience technology from Dassault Systèmes is being used by French aviation startup Blue Spirit Aero to hasten the development of their hydrogen-electric light aircraft and expedite the certification of affordable clean aviation.

The “Dragonfly” aircraft, which utilizes the exclusive electro-propulsive technology developed by Blue Spirit Aero and optimized for clean performance, is being developed with a view to certification and introduction into service in 2026. In just a few months, Blue Spirit Aero completed the intricate 3D design of the Dragonfly’s shapes, tested and validated its performance in terms of aerodynamics, structure, and energy, and completed the “Reinvent the Sky” industry solution experience based on the 3DExperience platform from Dassault Systèmes. The startup was able to organize its internal processes from the start and streamline communication between experts across disciplines and regions for more effective decision-making and complete traceability thanks to the platform’s virtual environment in the cloud.

By 2050, the aviation sector as a whole wants to have net-zero carbon emissions. Technology advancements must be translated into practical solutions through the development of new working methods that combine stakeholder expertise and facilitate effective certification procedures. Regulators are establishing certification procedures for products utilizing revolutionary hydrogen technologies. Blue Spirit Aero will act as a catalyst in this by showcasing the viability of these solutions on the 3DExperience platform.