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Airbus Expands Production in Germany

Airbus, the global aircraft manufacturing giant, announced plans to expand its production significantly in Germany. The company aims to build 75 A320 family aircraft every month by 2026, with a particular focus on A321neo and the long-haul version A321XLR.

ZeroAvia Secures $116 Million Boost to Hydrogen-Powered Aviation

ZeroAvia has concluded its Series C funding round, amassing a total of $116 million. This funding, with key participation from the UK Infrastructure Bank, Airbus, Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital, and NEOM Investment Fund (NIF), positions ZeroAvia at the forefront of clean propulsion technology for larger aircraft.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Airbus, a leading European aircraft manufacturer, is setting its sights on a groundbreaking development in the aviation industry. The company is eyeing the possibility of commissioning a 150-seat hydrogen plane, with the target year for potential launch set for 2035.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

NASA’s satellite finds hydrogen in Australia On the radar of the Landsat 9 satellite, which monitors the region from outside…

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Airbus, the renowned France-based aerospace giant, has revealed a concept design for a 100-seat commercial hydrogen-powered plane. This groundbreaking development marks a significant step forward in the quest for sustainable air travel, presenting a potential game-changer for the aviation industry.