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European Commission Launches Inaugural €800 Hydrogen Bank Auction

In a significant stride towards decarbonizing the EU’s energy sector, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the Spanish Presidency of the Council have reached a consensus to facilitate the integration of renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen, into the EU gas market.


The European Commission has marked a significant stride towards a sustainable energy future by designating crucial projects, including a hydrogen initiative in Sines and a maritime hydrogen pipeline, as projects of common interest.

European Commission Launches Inaugural €800 Hydrogen Bank Auction

As the urgency to decarbonize intensifies, the European Union (EU) is set to roll out a distinctive financing experiment, a pilot auction commencing on November 23. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to create a dynamic marketplace for renewable hydrogen by aligning producers and users through a competitive bidding process.

Green Hydrogen Paves the Path to EU-Namibia Partnership

In recent years, green hydrogen has staged a remarkable comeback and is emerging as a linchpin in the pursuit of a climate-neutral economy. It promises to play a pivotal role, particularly in addressing emissions in challenging sectors such as transport, heating, and heavy industry, and offers a solution for inter-seasonal energy storage. This resurgence of green hydrogen, driven by both energy security and decarbonization imperatives, is now not only fostering economic opportunities but also birthing a new era of EU-Africa relations.


ArcelorMittal to buy Pecém’s green hydrogen Erick Torres, CEO of ArcelorMittal, announced that the company will buy green hydrogen generated…