73 hydrogen filling stations opened in Asia, and 11 in North America, in 2022, according to a review of 130 stations worldwide.

More than ever, 45 gas stations were opened across Europe. Again, South Korea has the most new businesses worldwide. This is the outcome of the 15th yearly assessment conducted by the Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik website H2stations.org (LBST).

In 37 nations around the world, there are currently hydrogen filling stations. 814 hydrogen fueling stations would be operational by the end of 2022. For 315 other locations, there are specific plans. Israel, Colombia, and Cyprus are all newcomers, and each of them has a hydrogen filling station.

Europe had 254 gas stations at the end of the year, 105 of which were in Germany. With 44 stations, France is still ranked second in Europe, behind the UK (17), the Netherlands (17), and Switzerland (14 stations).

By the end of 2022, there were 455 service stations operating in Asia, including 165 in Japan and 149 in South Korea. There are thought to be 138 petrol stations in China. The small amount of information available makes it challenging to acquire an overview. South Korea has once again recorded the largest number of start-ups globally and is extending its infrastructure for all fuel cell vehicles, adding 45 additional filling stations in 2022.

11 new hydrogen fueling stations opened in North America last year. Of the 89 petrol stations in total, 70, or the majority, are in California.

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