In order to reduce the electricity costs of hydrogen production by up to 16 percent, according to ABB modeling, Hynamics has inked an agreement to work with ABB and test the ABB Ability OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen energy management system (EMS) across all of its plants.

The efficiency of the electrolyzer process, which splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable power, can be enhanced in order to reduce production costs for low-carbon and renewable hydrogen. The whole lifetime of a hydrogen plant is supported by ABB AbilityTM OPTIMAX®, from simulation throughout the design and engineering phases to real-time monitoring of energy consumption while in operation. Five other industrial uses already have ABB AbilityTM OPTIMAX® accessible.

The system gives information that can be used to calculate the ideal energy consumption rates needed to produce hydrogen while reducing waste. The tool takes into account a variety of parameters, including asset availability, price fluctuation for power, and other related elements.

The businesses have agreed to pool their respective resources to assess how well their solutions work together. In Northern Burgundy, some 170 kilometers southeast of Paris, at Hynamics’ first production and distribution facility, Auxerre, ABB AbilityTM OPTIMAX® for Green Hydrogen EMS will be installed. Five buses from the Leo network (Transdev), as well as trucks and light commercial vehicles, will be supplied by the 1 MW hydrogen station for the urban community, removing 2,200 tons of CO2 emissions from the road annually.

According to Christelle Rouillé, general manager of Hynamics, “With complementary areas of knowledge, the partnership between ABB and Hynamics will enable us to speed the implementation of hydrogen projects on an industrial scale.” “The world-class power management system from ABB must be integrated in order to optimize the cost of hydrogen production and increase the performance of the water electrolysis process.”

According to Bruno Roche, Global Head of Energy Transition at ABB, “We have recently pioneered our ABB AbilityTM OPTIMAX® system specifically for green hydrogen to enable production organizations to overcome the challenges of electrolysis in the way of high costs and energy-intensive procedures.” “If we are to achieve our collaborative aim of developing a resilient global hydrogen ecosystem for a clean energy future, this first deployment of our EMS for green hydrogen is significant and hopefully the first of many.”

The implementation of the cloud for the EMS at the Hynamics operation control center, prospective performance and reliability tests conducted by EDF, and deployment on further Hynamics production sites in 2023 are also included in the agreement’s scope.

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