ABB, a global technology leader, announces its participation in the groundbreaking HyPilot project.

This initiative, led by Hystar AS, aims to demonstrate the capabilities of one-megawatt (MW) containerized PEM electrolysers under real-world conditions, marking a significant step toward the widespread adoption of green hydrogen production.

Hystar AS, the driving force behind the HyPilot project, has developed patented technology that promises to unlock the true potential of green hydrogen. With growing interest in sustainable energy solutions, green hydrogen has emerged as a frontrunner, offering a clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels. However, ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliability in its production is essential for its large-scale adoption.

The HyPilot project represents a groundbreaking in-field demonstration of Hystar’s one-megawatt PEM electrolysers. These cutting-edge electrolysers are enclosed in containers and are designed to harness the power of renewable energy sources, such as wind power. By precisely controlling voltage and current, Hystar’s technology aims to overcome the intermittent nature of renewables and produce green hydrogen cost-effectively.

The project’s location is the Kårstø Gas Processing Plant in Rogaland, Norway, a fitting choice given Norway’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices. ABB joins other Nordic industry leaders, including Equinor, Yara, and Gassco, in this pivotal field project.

ABB is bringing its expertise and innovative power technology to the HyPilot project. The company’s low-harmonic insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) rectifiers and DC-DC converters are set to regulate the supply of electricity to the electrolyser, ensuring seamless operation under realistic field conditions.

Importantly, ABB’s technology minimizes network harmonic content, maximizes efficiency, and improves power factor. This has the dual advantage of reducing the levelized cost of green hydrogen production while accelerating its adoption—a crucial factor in the transition to a low-carbon world.

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