Spanish construction group ACCIONA has placed an order for AFC Energy’s H-Power ‘S’ Series 50kVA hydrogen-powered generator, marking a significant move towards the decarbonisation of the construction industry.

The generator, which is designed for heavy-duty construction and temporary power demands, comprises a 30kW AFC Energy air-cooled fuel cell and a 45kWh battery storage system. It is cheaper to run and delivers 400% more power than ACCIONA’s existing fleet of thirty 80kVA diesel generators.

The Spanish group will initially rent the generator for six months, with an option to buy thereafter. The system’s modularity, scalability and compactness make it an ideal platform to displace diesel generators from ACCIONA’s construction sites in the near term, said Miguel Paris Torres, Head of Area at ACCIONA’s Construction R&D Centre.

The decarbonisation of the construction industry is an important step in society’s move towards Net Zero, said Adam Bond, AFC’s chief executive.

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