Prior to the debut of ACUA in the US later this year, the USV developer ACUA Ocean and AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The MOU focuses on prospects for strategic partnerships and collaboration to advance the quickly expanding blue economy sector. Aside from potential business opportunities, ACUA intends to launch a demonstration of its autonomous hydrogen-powered, zero-emission surface vessel from the Port of Los Angeles.

With regard to critical national offshore infrastructure providers like offshore wind farms, subsea data cables, and pipelines as well as fisheries protection and marine biodiversity monitoring, ACUA Ocean’s long-endurance USV aims to provide increased surveying, protection, and data collection capabilities.

With increased power for commercial and environmental payloads, real-time AI edge-based processing of mission data, as well as satellite communications for over-the-horizon command and control and data transfer, the ACUA USV, designed as a SWATH vessel for increased stability and reliability, will deliver 40–60 day missions.

Due to its leadership in hydrogen technology, accessibility to offshore projects, and fast expanding oceantech environment, ACUA chose Los Angeles for its long-endurance USV technology. Through the oceanic sectors of Regenerative Aquaculture, Renewable Energy, and Blue Technology & Underwater Robotics, AltaSea, the hub of the Los Angeles ocean technology cluster, is committed to promoting scientific collaboration.

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