ACWA Power, has signed an agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to expedite the global shift to renewable energy.

As part of the agreement, ACWA Power will work alongside IRENA to implement sustainable energy solutions globally. This move aligns with ACWA’s mission to provide sustainable energy solutions, further speeding up the adoption and renewable energy use worldwide.

In this collaboration, ACWA Power will exchange crucial information with IRENA on multiple fronts including investment in renewable energy infrastructure, green hydrogen development, solar power, smart grids, and the energy-water nexus. ACWA Power will also participate in some of the initiatives led by IRENA including Green Hydrogen, Collaborative Frameworks, Project Facilitation, the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization, the Utilities for Net Zero Alliance, and the Coalition for Action.

Both IRENA and ACWA Power will scout for opportunities to pool in funds and investments for renewable energy projects and related infrastructure. This will help in facilitating the development, storage, distribution, transmission, and consumption of renewables. In addition, the organizations plan to organise joint workshops and seminars to share best practices, strengthen capabilities, and spread the awareness of energy transition among youth, professionals, and the public using IRENA’s platforms and programs.

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