ADNOC, in collaboration with Toyota and Al-Futtaim Motors, has commenced the construction of the Middle East’s first high-speed hydrogen refueling station.

Located in Masdar City, the station will utilize clean grid electricity to produce hydrogen from water, contributing to the region’s decarbonization efforts. This landmark project aims to assess the viability of hydrogen as a clean fuel and support the UAE’s ambitious National Hydrogen Strategy.

Hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel that offers numerous advantages over battery electric vehicles, including longer driving ranges and quicker refueling times. Recognizing its potential, ADNOC is venturing into hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure, paving the way for a future where hydrogen plays a crucial role in decarbonizing economies.

Partnership with Toyota and Al-Futtaim Motors

To test the high-speed hydrogen refueling station, ADNOC has partnered with Toyota and Al-Futtaim Motors, who will provide a fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles. This collaboration will enable ADNOC to gather valuable data on the performance of hydrogen transportation technology and its suitability for mobility projects. The pilot program aligns with the UAE’s National Hydrogen Strategy, positioning the country as a major hydrogen producer by 2031.

ADNOC’s commitment to sustainability and decarbonization is evident through its $15 billion investment in lower-carbon solutions. The company aims to reduce its carbon intensity by 25% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The construction of the high-speed hydrogen refueling station is a testament to ADNOC’s dedication to becoming a leading supplier of clean energy.

Upon completion, ADNOC Distribution will operate the high-speed hydrogen refueling station in Masdar City, providing a significant step forward for hydrogen mobility in the Middle East. Additionally, a second station in Dubai Golf City will feature a conventional hydrogen fueling system, further expanding the region’s hydrogen infrastructure.

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