Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) has unveiled a significant milestone in sustainable energy advancement with the inauguration of the Africa Green Hydrogen Hub.

In collaboration with Curtin University and Griffith University, this initiative represents a commendable effort towards fostering innovative and sustainable energy practices.

The Africa Green Hydrogen Hub aims to harness the potential of green hydrogen as a renewable energy carrier, leveraging sources like solar and wind power for production. This strategic focus underscores the pivotal role of hydrogen in facilitating the transition towards cleaner energy systems. By aligning with global initiatives to combat climate change, the hub sets a precedent for sustainable energy practices in Africa and beyond.

The partnership between Strathmore University, Curtin University, and Griffith University highlights the power of international cooperation in advancing energy innovation. With support from the Australian High Commission to Kenya, the hub exemplifies the importance of collective action in unlocking the potential of green hydrogen. This collaborative approach not only fosters knowledge exchange but also accelerates the commercialization of renewable energy technologies.

As a nexus for research, innovation, and collaboration, the Africa Green Hydrogen Hub brings together a diverse range of stakeholders. From researchers and educators to policymakers and industry leaders, the hub fosters interdisciplinary dialogue to explore the transformative potential of hydrogen technology. Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor of Strathmore University, emphasizes the importance of building local capacity and engaging in collaboration to drive sustainable energy solutions.

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