Swiss energy group Alpiq recently disclosed its investment in P2X Solutions, acquiring a majority stake in the company.

P2X Solutions specializes in the production and distribution of green hydrogen and synfuels, catering to Finnish industries and diversifying its market reach by supplying hydrogen for trucks, e-methane for gas networks, and e-methanol for international markets. By focusing on multiple facets of the energy sector, P2X Solutions demonstrates versatility in addressing various energy needs.

The construction of Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta signifies a significant milestone for P2X Solutions. With an impressive electrolysis capacity of 20 MW, the plant is poised to become one of Europe’s largest facilities of its kind. Scheduled to commence operations in 2025, this initiative underscores Finland’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Alpiq views its investment in P2X Solutions as a strategic move to establish a robust platform for green hydrogen and Power-to-X (P2X) technologies. By acquiring a majority stake in P2X Solutions, Alpiq aims to capitalize on the growing demand for hydrogen and synfuels, positioning itself as a key player in the decarbonization of challenging sectors. This strategic alignment reflects Alpiq’s foresight in adapting to evolving energy trends.

Beyond Finland, Alpiq envisions P2X Solutions as a scalable platform with potential for expansion into other markets. Recognizing hydrogen’s pivotal role in decarbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors, Alpiq underscores the importance of flexibility in the energy system.

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