Anantara Energy Holdings and Countrywide Hydrogen have joined forces to build a solar power plant (PLTS) in the Riau Archipelago after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Simon G. Bell and Joost van Acht, directors of Anantara Energy Holdings and Countrywide Hydrogen, respectively, who were being seen online in Jakarta, signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

According to Simon G. Bell, director of Anantara Energy Holdings, this partnership will benefit Indonesia’s manufacturing industry by advancing efforts to make the country more energy-efficient.

According to discussions at the B20 forum and the G20 Summit this week, “This significant investment would bring value to the manufacturing sector by supporting energy transformation initiatives in Indonesia,” he said.

He declared that a feasibility study for the construction of a solar-powered green hydrogen manufacturing facility will be made jointly by the two businesses. This PLTS will be the largest PLTS megaproject in the world with a capacity of 3.5 GW and a total expenditure of US$6 billion. It will be constructed in the Karimun KEK, Riau Islands. Simon anticipates that green hydrogen and ammonia generated from renewable sources will be crucial components of an Indonesian and regional economy that is net zero in the future. This is in addition to the demand that, in his opinion, will emerge from Europe as Indonesia’s primary export market.

We have made a joint decision to carry out and finance a thorough techno-commercial concept study and feasibility assessment for the creation of a green hydrogen production facility as well as the viability of the investment, the official said.

Joost van Acht stated that this relationship created chances to quicken Indonesia’s efforts to provide cleaner energy at the same time. He declared, “This is a good beginning towards turning the pledge into something concrete. According to him, Indonesia is now prioritizing the switch to renewable energy in the G20 meeting. Indonesia has a lot of potential for renewable energy, which presents an opportunity to boost long-term investment and generate a substantial economic multiplier impact.

Boyd White, director of Countrywide Hydrogen, added that the decarbonization of large vehicles, such as trucks, and buses, presents a significant opportunity for green hydrogen. He claims that green hydrogen may be utilized in place of fuel and in the agriculture industry.

“Ammonia produced from green hydrogen can be used to make explosives, fertilizers, and to replace natural gas in gas-fired power plants. It will lower CO2 emissions “added said.

According to White, Countrywide Hydrogen’s complementary business—which makes the electrolyzers used in the production of green hydrogen—is thought to have helped increase the number of jobs and workforce skills as well as the gross domestic product.

However, what is equally important is that (the development of green hydrogen) has a very positive impact on climate change, he added. “We see potential revenue from Indonesia’s exports.” For your information, Anantara Energy Holdings is a partnership between two German energy companies, ib Vogt and Quantum Power Asia, both of Singapore. Australian company Countrywide Hydrogen, meantime, makes investments in clean and renewable energy.

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