With an emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean, ATOME Energy has formed a new joint venture to develop green ammonia and fertilizer projects.

ATOME and Cavendish, the renewable energy division of Grupo Purdy, one of the biggest businesses in Costa Rica, have formed a joint venture. National Ammonia Corporation (NAC), which is jointly owned by ATOME and Cavendish and is based in San Jose, the country’s capital, has been founded. Its mission is to develop projects throughout Central America and the Caribbean, with a primary concentration on Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is one of the greenest nations in the world, with a democratic government and an open economy. The country boasts one of the highest per-hectare fertilizer use rates on the planet, with 99% of its electricity coming from renewable sources.

One of the key players in Costa Rica’s developing green hydrogen market is Cavendish, which has similar goals and objectives with ATOME and is managed by CEO Silvio Heimann. The goals of NAC are in line with ATOME, which is focused on nations that have access to both domestic and foreign end markets in addition to renewable energy resources and capabilities. Costa Rica is in a great place logistically because ports on the Atlantic and Pacific are only separated by around 200 km of landbridge.

ATOME wants to take advantage of its potential to expand the large-scale hydrogen and ammonia production model that is currently being used in Paraguay through NAC. With regard to this, pertinent parties are already participating in substantive and fruitful talks in the NAC’s emphasis areas.

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