Atome Energy is making waves with its ambitious plans in Paraguay. The green hydrogen and ammonia developer is rapidly progressing on its project in Villeta, and the outlook appears promising. With a focus on clean energy production and partnerships with key stakeholders, Atome Energy is setting the stage for a significant transformation in Paraguay’s energy landscape.

Atome Energy’s Paraguay project is centered around the production of green hydrogen and ammonia, two vital components in the quest for clean energy solutions. The company is gearing up to complete the front-end engineering design (FEED) for this venture in the coming quarter, signaling a significant milestone in its development.

One of the standout features of Atome Energy’s Paraguay project is its commitment to sustainability. The 145MW Villeta facility, which is at the heart of this initiative, will be powered by Paraguay’s 100% hydroelectric grid, courtesy of the state power company, Ande. This strategic move underscores Atome Energy’s dedication to utilizing renewable energy sources in its operations.

The Villeta facility is not just an environmental win; it’s a financial one too. Atome Energy envisions the production of calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) for regional and international markets, with an estimated annual revenue of US$141 million. This projection is based on a green CAN price of US$570 per ton, highlighting the lucrative potential of sustainable ammonia production.

CEO Olivier Mussat is steering the ship towards some critical milestones. The company anticipates making a final investment decision by the end of the year, a significant step towards turning this vision into reality. Additionally, the selection of the alkaline electrolyzer supplier and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor is also in the pipeline.

Atome Energy’s Paraguay project is not a solitary endeavor. The company has secured a robust group of partners and stakeholders. Aecom serves as the owner’s engineer, while Natixis provides financial advisory services. NexantECA brings market expertise to the table, and JGP lends its environmental consulting prowess. IDB Invest is also a key player in this sustainable energy journey.

Atome Energy’s vision for Paraguay doesn’t stop at Villeta. The company is already looking ahead to its second phase, Yguazu, which is set to have a capacity of 300MW. Power purchase agreement (PPA) discussions with Ande are underway, following the signing of a pre-PPA.

Beyond Paraguay, Atome Energy’s early development pipeline extends to Costa Rica, underlining the company’s dedication to advancing clean energy solutions across the region.

As Atome Energy’s Paraguay project gains momentum, it signifies a significant step forward in the global transition towards clean and sustainable energy sources. With green hydrogen and ammonia at the forefront of its strategy, the company is poised to make a lasting impact on Paraguay’s energy landscape while setting an example for sustainable development worldwide.

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