Bulgaria is set to propel itself into the global hydrogen landscape with an ambitious project receiving EUR 8.2 million from the European Union.

Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva, at COP28 in Dubai, unveiled the Stara Zagora hydrogen valley, a key component of the country’s drive towards sustainable digital and green transitions for businesses.

Bulgaria’s Minister of Innovation and Growth, Milena Stoycheva, announced a game-changing initiative at COP28 in Dubai – the Stara Zagora hydrogen valley project. With a substantial EUR 8.2 million injection from the European Union, Bulgaria aims to be a global leader in the hydrogen valley concept, supporting the digital and green transformation of its economy.

In a bid to join the ranks of global pioneers in hydrogen technology, Bulgaria unveils its Stara Zagora hydrogen valley project. Minister Milena Stoycheva envisions a sustainable future powered by renewable energy and decarbonization. With EUR 8.2 million EU funding, Bulgaria aims to position itself at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution.

Bulgaria’s strategic move towards a hydrogen-driven future takes center stage with the Stara Zagora hydrogen valley project. Minister Milena Stoycheva emphasizes the transformative potential of hydrogen technologies in decarbonizing the country’s economy. However, challenges loom, with the industry’s reliance on subsidies and the competitive edge of fossil gas-produced hydrogen.

Stara Zagora, a former coal region in Bulgaria, emerges as a symbol of the country’s commitment to cleaner energy. The hydrogen valley project, backed by EUR 8.2 million EU funding, marks a significant shift in the region’s energy landscape. Minister Milena Stoycheva’s vision aims to turn a coal-dependent past into a hydrogen-powered future.

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