Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is partnering with General Hydrogen Corp., a subsidiary of CGI Gases, to propel the production of hydrogen and carbon dioxide through B&W’s innovative BrightLoop technology.

B&W’s BrightLoop technology stands at the forefront of a transformative change in hydrogen production. This chemical looping innovation brings forth the promise of hydrogen production from diverse feedstocks, including solid fuels such as waste wood and biomass. This versatility underscores the technology’s potency in harnessing cleaner energy sources from an array of materials, breathing new life into the energy sector.

What sets B&W’s innovation apart is its net-negative carbon intensity attribute. The process not only generates hydrogen but also produces isolated streams of carbon dioxide, enabling its capture, beneficial application, or sequestration. The groundbreaking aspect is the technology’s potential to yield net-negative carbon emissions hydrogen, a feat that can reshape the energy paradigm by mitigating carbon footprint.

The partnership with General Hydrogen Corp. and CGI Gases magnifies the impact of B&W’s innovation. This collaboration establishes a robust supply chain for net-negative carbon intensity hydrogen. General Hydrogen Corp. would acquire and transport up to 15 tons of hydrogen per day, while CGI Gases would acquire and transport compressed carbon dioxide harvested during the process. This collective endeavor amplifies the reach of B&W’s innovation, signaling a concerted effort towards sustainability.

The potential applications of net-negative carbon intensity hydrogen span across industries. From power production to industrial processes and transportation fuel, B&W’s innovation offers a versatile solution that aligns with various energy needs. This adaptability underscores the transformative potential of net-negative hydrogen to transition industries towards a cleaner, greener future.

Eileen Zullo, President, and CEO of CGI Gases, underscores the global significance of B&W’s BrightLoop technology. Its clean energy production aligns with CGI Gases’ ethos and expansion strategy. This collaboration not only showcases the technology’s promise but also underscores its role in extending the reach of cleaner energy solutions worldwide.

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