Corinth Pipeworks has secured a substantial contract worth over €27 million from DESFA, the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator. The contract entails the manufacturing and supply of approximately 56 kilometers of 30-inch longitudinally welded steel pipes (LSAW) crucial for the development of the Natural Gas Interconnector between Greece and North Macedonia (IGNM).

The IGNM project represents more than a strategic gas link; it positions Greece as a burgeoning energy hub with the potential to create new energy corridors for Southeast Europe. Leveraging DESFA’s robust gas infrastructure, including the LNG Terminal in Revithoussa and the National Natural Gas Transmission System, the IGNM will facilitate access to LNG from diverse sources, enhancing regional diversification and security of gas supply.

Notably, this pipeline, the second of its kind in Greece, will possess the capability to transport hydrogen up to 100%. Beyond its primary role in gas transmission, it forms a vital component of Greece’s hydrogen backbone. This dual-purpose infrastructure not only aligns with Greece’s commitment to renewable energy but also contributes significantly to the evolution of a robust hydrogen market in Southeast and Central Europe.

The collaboration between Corinth Pipeworks and DESFA signifies a pioneering effort in developing infrastructure compatible with hydrogen transmission. Certified to transport 100% hydrogen, the DESFA’s High-Pressure Pipeline adheres to the ASME B31.12 Option B specification, offering a technically and economically feasible solution for the safe transportation of hydrogen at high pressures through large-diameter and high-strength steel pipelines.

Corinth Pipeworks’ state-of-the-art production facilities in Thisvi, Greece, will be the birthplace of the entire quantity of 30-inch, hydrogen-certified pipes. The scope of supply extends beyond the pipes themselves to encompass internal and three-layer polyethylene, external coating, as well as hot induction bends, all crafted at the same location as the pipe manufacturing.

As the DESFA’s High-Pressure Pipeline takes shape, it becomes more than a conduit for gas—it becomes a symbol of Greece’s commitment to a sustainable energy future. The pipeline’s reach, stretching from N. Messimvria to the Greece/North Macedonia border, exemplifies cross-border collaboration and sets the stage for enhanced energy connectivity in the region.

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