Cenergy Holdings has made a significant stride in Greece’s energy landscape as Corinth Pipeworks, its steel pipes segment, secures a contract exceeding EUR 27 million from DESFA.

The contract entails the manufacturing and supply of approximately 56km of 30-inch longitudinally welded steel pipes (LSAW) for the Greek part of the Natural Gas Interconnector between Greece and North Macedonia (IGNM).

The primary goal of this venture is to fortify Greece’s position as an energy hub, creating new energy routes for Southeast Europe. The project capitalizes on DESFA’s existing gas infrastructure, including the LNG Terminal in Revithoussa and the National Natural Gas Transmission System. This initiative enhances diversification and security of gas supply in the region.

This project marks a significant step in Greece’s energy transition by incorporating the capability to transfer hydrogen up to 100%. As the second pipeline in Greece designed for this purpose, it contributes to the development of a regional hydrogen market for Southeast and Central Europe. The collaboration between Corinth Pipeworks and DESFA is pivotal in building infrastructure that supports the growth of a robust hydrogen market.

The implementation of this hydrogen-ready pipeline allows for the transmission of renewable gases, aligning with Greece’s commitment to sustainable energy practices. The pipeline’s stretch from N. Messimvria to the Greece/North Macedonia borderline positions it as a key element in the energy transition of the region. It not only enables the safe transportation of hydrogen at high pressures but also fosters regional growth through increased connectivity.

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