The IP-protected Membrane-Free Electrolyser (MFE) was created by the UK-based green hydrogen technology and manufacturing business CPH2, which has invested £1.5 million in 1,412,429 new Ordinary Shares in ATOME Energy.

The subscription will be paid for with cash on hand at the business. A purchase agreement for a 1MW MFE220 electrolyser to be used in ATOME’s Paraguay mobility project was signed by CPH2 and ATOME in March 2022.

The two businesses also established a non-binding collaboration agreement to look into and discuss the possibility of forming a joint venture to produce electrolysers locally in the future for the Latin American market using CPH2’s technology and know-how. These orders could be for electrolyser units for ATOME’s international hydrogen and ammonia projects.

The investment in ATOME speeds up both ATOME and CPH2’s deployment of green hydrogen electrolysers throughout South America and shows CPH2’s dedication to ATOME’s Mobility Division, which is anticipated to start producing hydrogen for use in transportation in Paraguay early next year.

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