The local authorities in Vinkovci, a city located in the eastern part of Croatia, plan to produce hydrogen from waste, and use it in public transportation and for heating.

Josip Romić, the deputy mayor of Vinkovci, says the city has prepared a pre-feasibility study for the project called +ZEMC (Zero Emission Mobility Corridor) H2, whose estimated value is EUR 48 million, according to a report by Vinkovci is well on its way to start discussions on all the benefits of hydrogen technology, Romić stressed.

The benefits, in his words, are the solution for waste disposal and the use of hydrogen for the development of public transportation and for heating. Of course, these benefits would allow the city to lower citizens’s bills, Romić added. He also stressed that the production of hydrogen from waste simultaneously solves the problem of accumulated non-recycled waste and provides cheap environmentally friendly fuel.

Currently, according to Romić, the use of hydrogen in the energy supply in the EU is at a very low level, but Brussels has ambitious plans. The City of Vinkovci, in his words, intends to seize the opportunity and become the leader of hydrogen use in Croatia.

The city plans to join the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley, a cross-border project aimed at creating a hydrogen market in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. The project was launched on September 1, and is expected to last six years.

Vinkovci’s hydrogen project is an ambitious but achievable one. The project has the potential to have a significant impact on the city and the surrounding region, and it could set a precedent for other cities and countries to follow.

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