The cryogas cryo-compressed hydrogen (CcH2) pressure vessels developed by hydrogen mobility company Cryomotive have hit a significant milestone in their development.

Transporting CcH2 with a density of 72 g/l or higher, these boats will let long-haul trucks and buses to travel more than 1,000 km on a single tank of fuel.

In 2024, the company plans to introduce its technology to the market for small-series applications. Cryomotive’s first full-size liners for heavy-duty truck tanks are ready to be reinforced with a patented carbon fiber-reinforced composite, and the company has just received and commissioned a new, automated winding machine from Mikrosam (Prilep, Macedonia) to help achieve this goal.

Two insulated pressure vessels will house up to 80 kilograms of cryogenic H2 gas produced by either cryo-compressing liquid hydrogen (LH2) or by cryogenically cooling gaseous hydrogen, and will make up Cryomotive’s first-generation CRYOGAS onboard H2 storage system (GH2). For any fuel cell or hydrogen internal combustion engine powertrain, the integrated first-generation CRYOGAS CcH2 storage system fitted to the Cryomotive frame will produce GH2 in a well-defined temperature range with an adjustable pressure up to 3 MPa (30 bar).

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