As part of the ‘Pure Biogas (green hydrogen) powered fuel cell R&D Project,’ Doosan Fuel Cell inked an MoU with Korea West Power and KEPCO E&C.

To answer to the government’s hydrogen economy and CHPS (Clean Hydrogen Energy Portfolio Standards), Doosan Fuel Cell opted to begin the project, which aims to utilize biogas in order to meet those standards. Solid waste landfills and livestock manure storage ponds both yield biogas. Most of the biogas produced each year is utilised in power generating or other applications, with only 20% going to waste.

Using leftover biogas as the fuel, three businesses will create a clean and efficient hydrogen fuel cell system. In contrast to Korea West Power and KEPCO, Doosan Fuel Cell will develop and deliver hydrogen fuel cell technology for pure biogas, while Korea West Power will oversee the entire project and construct pretreatment facilities.

“By concentrating methane in biogas and capturing carbon dioxide, it can be used as natural gas. However, this process requires to invest additional time and cost,” said a source from Doosan Fuel Cell. “We expect this project will open an opportunity of a new business model as biogas can work as a clean and efficient energy source.”

In order to suit varied customer requirements, Doosan Fuel Cell offers a wide range of fuel-flexible hydrogen fuel cells, such as green hydrogen, byproduct hydrogen, NG/LNG, and LPG.

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