Edison Next, a subsidiary of the Edison group specializing in decarbonization and ecological transition, has joined forces with SEA Milan Airports to launch a groundbreaking initiative: the development of a green hydrogen refueling station at Milan Malpensa International Airport.

The primary objective of the Malpensa H2 project is to drive the green reconversion of Milan Malpensa Airport, a pivotal hub for air cargo in central-southern Europe. By introducing a green hydrogen refueling station, powered by an on-site electrolyzer, the project seeks to transition airport logistics vehicles to zero-emission hydrogen mobility. This transition aligns with SEA’s broader decarbonization strategy and contributes to reducing the aviation sector’s environmental footprint.

At the heart of the project lies cutting-edge electrolysis technology, which enables the on-site production of green hydrogen. The hydrogen refueling station will cater to heavy vehicles operating within the Malpensa Cargo City area, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This innovative approach underscores the pivotal role of hydrogen as a versatile energy carrier in the transition to a low-carbon future.

The implementation of hydrogen-powered vehicles within the airport logistics ecosystem holds the promise of significant emissions reduction. By replacing conventional vehicles with zero-emission alternatives, the project aims to mitigate air pollution and improve air quality in and around the airport vicinity. Moreover, the initiative sets a precedent for sustainable practices in the aviation industry, inspiring other airports to embrace similar decarbonization initiatives.

The project’s financing, secured through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), underscores the government’s commitment to advancing sustainable infrastructure projects. By investing in green hydrogen initiatives, policymakers aim to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and drive economic growth while mitigating climate change.

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