Element 2 and Riversimple are expanding their partnership focusing on the widespread usage of hydrogen vehicles through the expansion of a comprehensive refuelling infrastructure.

With fifteen years under its belt, Riversimple has continually led in the acceleration of hydrogen vehicle innovation. Backed by increasing interest from global manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, and Honda, the requirement for a wide-ranging and efficient refuelling network has become paramount.

Answering this need, Element 2 is rolling out a network of hydrogen refuelling stations across the U.K. This infrastructure will cater to a diverse selection of hydrogen-powered vehicles, from Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and vans to passenger cars. This initiative is a move to make hydrogen vehicles a practical and appealing choice for both commercial and personal transportation.

Furthermore, under the recently updated MOU, all Element 2 stations will offer refuelling services for passenger cars as well as HGVs. Riversimple and Element 2 are working in tandem to choose ideal locations for stations to maximize the commercial benefits to both companies. They also plan to collaborate with local authorities to cultivate catchment areas for both retail customers and commercial fleets.

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