European Union, in collaboration with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, endorses a monumental 10GW green hydrogen project stretching from Brazil to Croatia.

Spearheaded by Ursula von der Leyen, the project, embedded within the €2 billion Global Gateway investment, revolves around the establishment of a cutting-edge hydrogen and ammonia production facility in Piauí, Brazil. This transformative endeavor, known as the Green Energy Park, is steered by Spain’s Solatio Energia Group and is poised to export hydrogen and ammonia to Croatia’s Krk island.

Governor Rafael Fonteles of Piauí proudly labels this undertaking as the world’s largest of its kind, with investments soaring beyond BRL 100 billion. The sheer scale of the project, underpinned by a 10GW capacity, signifies a resounding commitment to harnessing green hydrogen as a cornerstone of the global energy transition.

The Green Energy Park’s strategic location in Piauí holds significance, given the region’s abundant renewable resources. Brazil’s prowess in renewable energy, particularly solar and wind, positions it as an ideal hub for large-scale green hydrogen production.

Simultaneously, Unigel, under the astute leadership of CEO Roberto Noronha Santos, is set to inject USD 1.5 billion into a distinct green hydrogen initiative in Brazil. Leveraging technology from Thyssenkrupp Nucera, this additional project underscores the diversification and growing interest in green hydrogen across industries.

At the heart of the Green Energy Park lies advanced electrolysis technology, a pivotal component in green hydrogen production. This method involves utilizing renewable energy, primarily from solar and wind sources, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The scalability of this technology aligns seamlessly with the project’s ambitious goals.

The export-oriented approach, funneling hydrogen and ammonia from Brazil to Croatia, mirrors a global perspective on collaborative efforts to address energy challenges. This cross-continental partnership exemplifies the EU’s commitment to fostering international cooperation in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

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