The EU project HyInHeat is studying hydrogen utilization in aluminum and steel.

The €24 million initiative receives €17.7 million from the EU. HyInHeat integrates hydrogen fuel for high-temperature heating operations in energy-intensive industries. Hydrogen combustion in heating processes requires infrastructure, equipment, and process development. Some equipment is hydrogen-ready.

HyInHeat implements efficient hydrogen combustion systems to decarbonize aluminum and steel heating and melting processes, encompassing practically their whole process chains. The project redesigns, modifies, and implements furnaces, burners, measurement and control technology, and infrastructure at eight technical centers and industrial enterprises to achieve this goal.

Oxygen-enriched combustion and hydrogen-oxyfuel heating are being used to improve energy efficiency and reduce hydrogen fuel demand. Simulation methods will help redesign the heating process.

The EU project “HyInHeat” has 30 partners from 12 countries and RWTH Aachen University’s Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB) studying hydrogen combustion for the aluminum and steel industries.

Maintaining product quality and yield is essential while converting crucial production processes. Refractory lining is prioritized for sustainability.

Environmentally, hydrogen combustion off-gas NOx emission measurement concepts are being explored. Material flow analysis and life cycle analysis will help the full cross-sectorial study determine the potential for hydrogen heating processes in energy-intensive industry.

RWTH Aachen University’s Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB) is coordinating the 30-partner, 12-country project through 2026. GHI and ITV are also engaged.

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