Everfuel has unveiled plans for Project Frigg—a substantial initiative aimed at bolstering Denmark’s hydrogen production capacity.

Everfuel has submitted a comprehensive project proposal for Project Frigg, designed to establish up to 2 GW of green hydrogen production capacity. Situated at the Revsing Energy Park in Vejen, Denmark, Frigg marks Everfuel’s maiden venture into large-scale hydrogen production dedicated to supplying industrial customers in Germany via pipeline.

Frigg’s strategic positioning near the Revsing transformer station and within Denmark’s hydrogen backbone underscores its logistical advantage. The project’s scalability up to 2 GW of electrolyser capacity is complemented by potential direct connections to local renewable energy sources from solar and wind, highlighting Everfuel’s commitment to sustainable energy integration. Moreover, integration with local district heating systems further enhances its operational synergy.

In a strategic move, Everfuel has secured a Letter of Intent (LoI) with an undisclosed German industrial customer for an initial supply of up to 10,000 tons of green hydrogen annually. Project Frigg is slated to serve as the primary supply source for this agreement and other future industrial offtakers, positioning Everfuel as a pivotal player in Europe’s hydrogen supply chain.

Everfuel’s commitment to advancing Project Frigg underscores its strategic ambition, positioned to leverage Denmark’s renewable energy potential effectively. Backed by insights from Aurora Energy Research, the project’s competitive advantage in Denmark’s DK1 power zone signifies a pivotal step towards sustainable hydrogen production.

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