Over the next 15 years, Evides Industriewater will provide demiwater for Shell’s green hydrogen facility.

Building a new demiwater pipeline to the hydrogen plant at the H2 Conversion Park in the Port of Rotterdam is a requirement of the deal.

Demiwater is extremely pure water that has had all minerals and salts removed. Water of the highest quality is a crucial raw ingredient for electrolysis and cooling during the creation of hydrogen. The success of the Dutch energy transition depends heavily on hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen supplied by Shell.

The hydrogen manufacturing facility that Shell is building on the Second Maasvlakte will be totally powered by the wind farm at Hollandse Kust. The largest renewable hydrogen production facility in Europe, Holland Hydrogen 1, will create 60,000 kg of renewable hydrogen every day.

In the beginning, green hydrogen partially substitutes the use of grey hydrogen in the manufacturing of energy products like gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. By 2025, the factory ought to be up for business.

Water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen to produce hydrogen. Green hydrogen is created when you do this with renewable energy because no CO2 is produced. Evides Industriewater provides the (demi)water through the Demiwater Plant Maasvlakte, which is required to produce hydrogen. Demiwater is created using water from the Brielse Meer, which is refilled with water from the Meuse and Rhine.

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