Evonik Industries AG, based in Essen, Germany, has made a significant stride in the realm of sustainability by introducing carbon-neutral hydrogen peroxide to the European market.

Evonik’s initiative is underpinned by the “Way to GO2” sustainability strategy, which outlines a clear pathway to climate-neutral production. By offering hydrogen peroxide alongside a “Way to GO2” certificate, Evonik empowers customers to mitigate Scope 3 emissions within their value chains while supporting the sustainable transformation of Evonik’s peroxide production.

The “Way to GO2” strategy encompasses a range of measures, including the adoption of renewable energy and green hydrogen in production processes. Evonik’s Active Oxygens business line is at the forefront of this transformation, implementing sustainable practices across its global production network.

To ensure transparency and credibility, Evonik’s approach and calculations are independently audited, monitored, and certified by TÜV Rheinland, a renowned testing expert. This rigorous certification process underscores Evonik’s commitment to accountability and environmental stewardship.

Global beauty leader Wella Company is among the first to embrace Evonik’s certified hydrogen peroxide. By incorporating this sustainable ingredient into its hair color developer product, Wella Company demonstrates its dedication to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.

Beyond its production footprint, hydrogen peroxide offers inherent environmental benefits downstream. Unlike certain alternative chemistries, hydrogen peroxide naturally breaks down into water and oxygen, minimizing its environmental footprint and enhancing process sustainability.

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