Exolum and Vopak Ventures have invested in the French startup HSL Technologies. The innovative company focuses on developing safe, efficient, and economical methods for transporting and storing hydrogen.

With its proprietary technology, HSL Technologies aims to overcome key challenges in large-scale hydrogen transport, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Exolum and Vopak Ventures have made strategic investments in HSL Technologies, becoming shareholders in the French startup. The move reflects their commitment to fostering hydrogen-related innovations and embracing new energy vectors. Joining them as investors are companies like Equinor Ventures, EDP Ventures, and the European Innovation Council, which supports startups with a focus on Deeptech investments.

Transporting and storing hydrogen safely and economically on a large scale has long been a challenge in the industry. HSL Technologies aims to address this challenge with its unique proprietary technology. The company’s revolutionary process involves introducing hydrogen molecules into a silica-based liquid support, where the hydrogen can be released on demand.

Early tests of HSL Technologies’ carrier have demonstrated its stability and safety during transport and storage in existing infrastructure at ambient pressure and temperature. This breakthrough opens up new possibilities for efficient hydrogen handling without the need for high-pressure or cryogenic conditions.

One of the most compelling features of HSL Technologies’ technology is its energy efficiency. While conventional methods require energy both to fix and release hydrogen, the proprietary carrier developed by HSL Technologies releases hydrogen without any energy cost. This significant advantage provides a crucial boost to the development of the hydrogen market and offers an attractive proposition for sustainable energy storage and distribution.

The investment from Exolum and Vopak Ventures represents a pivotal step towards advancing the hydrogen economy. HSL Technologies’ innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the transportation and storage of hydrogen, enabling a wider adoption of this clean and versatile energy carrier.

HSL Technologies’ focus on developing simple, efficient, and safe methods for transporting and storing hydrogen brings exciting prospects for the future of sustainable energy. The support from Exolum and Vopak Ventures, alongside other esteemed investors, underscores the growing recognition of hydrogen’s importance in the global energy transition. With HSL Technologies at the forefront of hydrogen innovation, the world moves closer to achieving a greener and more sustainable future.

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