Gasgrid Finland, in collaboration with partners Nordic Hydrogen Route, Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor, and Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector, achieves recognition on the European Commission’s Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list. This milestone positions three hydrogen infrastructure projects for the Baltic Sea region as pivotal contributors to European energy policy goals.

Gasgrid Finland’s hydrogen initiatives secure a spot on the PCI list, signifying their crucial role in advancing European energy objectives. Sara Kärki, Senior Vice President, Hydrogen Development at Gasgrid, highlights the honor and emphasizes Finland’s emergence as a vital component in European energy infrastructure.

The PCI status unlocks opportunities, including eligibility for EU project funding and expedited permitting procedures. Projects deemed essential for completing the European internal energy market and aligning with energy and climate policy goals gain PCI status. This facilitates affordable, secure, and sustainable energy delivery, adhering to the Paris Agreement.

Gasgrid Finland is actively engaged in three hydrogen infrastructure ventures seeking PCI status:

  • Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor: Examining hydrogen infrastructure from Finland to Germany via Baltic states.
  • Nordic Hydrogen Route: Exploring hydrogen infrastructure linking Finland and Sweden along the Baltic Sea coast.
  • Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector: Investigating undersea hydrogen infrastructure connecting Finland and Sweden to Central Europe.

Gasgrid’s hydrogen endeavors represent a substantial leap toward a hydrogen economy. The projects aim to attract investments, create jobs, enhance energy self-sufficiency, and contribute to national well-being through high-value products and expanded export industry growth.

Backed by a Finnish Government resolution, Gasgrid envisions Finland as a leader in the hydrogen economy, producing 10% of the EU’s green hydrogen. The PCI list endorsement aligns with Gasgrid’s commitment to national hydrogen projects and network development, steering Finland toward a prominent role in the evolving hydrogen landscape.

Gasgrid’s focus now shifts to refining planning stages and routing plans based on the PCI list’s content. As the PCI list progresses through the European Parliament and Council, Gasgrid anticipates unlocking EU funding through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

In essence, Gasgrid Finland’s recognition on the PCI list marks a transformative step, propelling Finland into a leadership position in the hydrogen economy and contributing significantly to Europe’s sustainable energy future.

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