Groningen Airport Eelde, situated in the Netherlands, is embarking on a visionary journey to become one of Europe’s greenest airports, leading the charge in sustainable aviation. In a significant step towards this transformation, a coalition of twelve partners recently signed a declaration of intent to develop a comprehensive liquid and gaseous hydrogen infrastructure at the airport, creating an environmentally responsible hydrogen network.

The ambitious agreement revolves around the development of a green hydrogen infrastructure encompassing production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen. To initiate this transformative process, all parties involved will collaboratively conduct a feasibility study. Additionally, they will explore avenues for regulatory approvals and seek the necessary funding to materialize this groundbreaking project.

The twelve partners undertaking this pioneering initiative are a diverse blend of businesses and organizations, each contributing its expertise and resources to shape a sustainable future for aviation. The partners include Fokker NextGen, the Province of Drenthe, RWE, Hy Network Services, Engie, the Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR), NOM, Shell, Airport Creators, the New Energy Coalition, Groningen Seaports, and, of course, Groningen Airport Eelde. The Royal Netherlands Air Force’s Air Combat Command is providing support for the program.

This endeavor marks a pivotal moment in Groningen Airport Eelde’s commitment to sustainability, a journey that commenced in 2021 when it teamed up with the New Energy Coalition to explore hydrogen applications aimed at reducing the airport’s environmental footprint. Since then, Groningen Airport Eelde has rapidly positioned itself as the region’s first hydrogen airport.

One of the airport’s primary goals is to achieve recognition as the greenest airport in Europe. To attain this milestone, the airport has set a target to make ground handling processes entirely emission-free by 2030. Such an ambition underscores the commitment of Groningen Airport Eelde to pioneer sustainable aviation and lead the way in the eco-friendly transformation of the aviation sector.

The newly proposed hydrogen infrastructure is a significant part of this journey, providing a clean and renewable energy source for airport operations. Hydrogen’s versatility and minimal environmental impact make it a perfect candidate to power aviation equipment and support the airport’s ambition to become a green aviation leader in Europe.

As hydrogen continues to gain prominence as a green fuel alternative, the Groningen Airport Eelde initiative is an exemplar of how airports worldwide can embrace sustainability, reduce emissions, and contribute to a greener future for air travel. The collaborative approach of the twelve partners showcases the determination to shape a more sustainable aviation industry.

The project is expected to set an example for airports across the globe, driving the transition towards hydrogen-powered aviation and leaving a positive impact on the environment for generations to come. Groningen Airport Eelde is indeed flying high with hydrogen, propelling itself towards a greener and more sustainable future.

The journey towards a sustainable and green aviation industry is taking off at Groningen Airport Eelde, and the sky’s the limit.

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