Uttar Pradesh to soon release Green Hydrogen Policy

The state of Uttar Pradesh has moved quickly to accept alternative energy sources. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reviewed the plans for the UP Green Hydrogen Policy-2023 with the UPNEDA representatives in order to stimulate clean and green energy production sources in the state in light of global warming and climate change.

CM Yogi gave the officials instructions to alter the draft of the new Green Hydrogen Policy in order to create an effective draft at the meeting. In order for investors and users to benefit the most from the policy, orders were also provided to consult the stakeholders involved in this field.

Quantum Pleasants plant switches from coal to hydrogen

Under new management, the outdated Energy Harbor coal-fired power plant in Pleasants County, West Virginia, which had been shut down since June 1 and was slated for demolition, has roared back to life.

The plant’s operations were restarted with $800 million from Omnis Fuel Technologies, and it is currently producing power again. The Quantum Pleasants plant will switch from using coal to hydrogen as part of Omnis’ ambition.

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