FRV, part of the Jameel Energy group, has unveiled its ambitious green hydrogen production project, H2 Cumbuco, set within Brazil’s Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP).

FRV’s H2 Cumbuco project aims to establish a significant green hydrogen and green ammonia production facility at the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex. This venture is positioned to cater primarily to European and Asian markets, leveraging Brazil’s strategic location for international exports.

The project entails a substantial investment totaling approximately 27 billion reais ($5 billion USD) and is expected to generate substantial employment opportunities. During the construction phase alone, H2 Cumbuco anticipates creating around 1,500 jobs, with over 200 permanent positions once operational. This economic impact underscores the project’s potential contribution to regional development.

H2 Cumbuco will unfold in two phases aimed at scaling up green ammonia production capacity. The initial phase involves installing 500 MW of electrolyzers to produce 400,000 tons of ammonia annually, requiring an investment of 7 billion reais. Subsequently, the project plans to expand to 2 GW of electrolyzer capacity in its second phase, increasing ammonia production to 1.6 million tons per year with an additional 20 billion reais investment.

According to Manuel Pavon, General Director of FRV South America, construction for H2 Cumbuco is slated to commence around 2027, with operations expected to start between 2029 and 2030. This timeline highlights the project’s phased approach to development and readiness to meet future market demands.

FRV emphasizes adherence to stringent European regulations and sustainability principles in project execution. H2 Cumbuco will utilize renewable energy sources and incorporate treated urban wastewater, promoting a circular economy model. The project’s alignment with environmental standards underscores its commitment to operational excellence and global competitiveness.

Governor Elmano de Freitas and other local stakeholders view H2 Cumbuco as pivotal for Ceará’s economic growth. The Port of Pecém’s strategic advantage in logistics and exports enhances the project’s economic viability, aligning with regional development objectives while fostering sustainable industrial practices.

FRV’s H2 Cumbuco project is part of a broader initiative in Ceará, with multiple companies engaging in green hydrogen production. This collaborative effort, supported by numerous memoranda of understanding with Brazilian and international partners, underscores the state’s commitment to advancing sustainable industrial practices and fostering economic resilience.

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