GDS and SK ecoplant have joined forces to conduct a groundbreaking trial of fuel cell power supply solutions for GDS’s upcoming data center in Singapore. This collaboration signifies a commitment to promoting sustainable development and renewable energy use in the region.

Fuel cells, unlike conventional power sources, convert the chemical energy of hydrogen or other renewables into electricity, offering an exceptionally clean energy production process with minimal or zero emissions. GDS and SK ecoplant recognize the potential of fuel cells in revolutionizing data center power supply.

GDS’s recent expansion in data center capacity paved the way for this ambitious project. The collaboration aims to pioneer two hydrogen pilot use cases in Singapore. The first involves using solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology to generate power from green hydrogen. The second focuses on supplying locally generated power from imported hydrogen. These use cases are poised to be critical proof of concepts in the region, propelling hydrogen into a reliable power source.

Under the trial, GDS will leverage its industry expertise to develop a cutting-edge data center in Singapore. SK ecoplant, in collaboration with its partner Bloom Energy, will deploy SOFC technology to produce low-carbon electricity. Initially, natural gas will serve as a feedstock in place of hydrogen. As the regional hydrogen infrastructure, supply chain, and regulatory frameworks mature, GDS and SK ecoplant plan to expand the use of SOFC-enabled power generation.

SK ecoplant sees this collaboration as a catalyst for growth in the renewable energy market in Southeast Asia. Mr. Kyung-il Park, CEO of SK ecoplant, emphasized their ambition to lead in the global fuel cell market through cooperation with domestic companies and partner Bloom Energy.

GDS, a leader in the data center industry, is committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. This partnership aligns with Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to meet up to 50% of the country’s electricity demand with low-carbon hydrogen by 2050. Together, GDS and SK ecoplant are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable data center future, setting an example for the industry’s transformation.

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