The comprehensive zoning plan for Gen2 Energy’s hydrogen facility in Mosjøen, Norway, has been accepted by the municipal council in Vefsn municipality.

The zoning plan, according to Gen2 Energy, a Norwegian green hydrogen company, offers the chance to realize a production facility with a capacity of up to 100 MW. It also includes the necessary space for filling, storing, and handling a large number of hydrogen containers, as well as a quay for seaborne transportation of containers to markets in Norway and Europe.

It made the distinction between the Gen2 Energy project in Mosjøen and other hydrogen initiatives in Norway by pointing out that the plan permits large-scale generation and processing of green hydrogen for commercial usage.

The company added that numerous comments and pieces of advice were received during the consultation process and were taken into consideration in the final zoning plan. The company said that various aspects of the project have been thoroughly scrutinized through impact assessments in a number of areas such as safety, noise, emissions, ground conditions, natural hazards, and traffic safety.

Nordland County Municipality raised one concern, however according to Gen2, the issue was resolved after discussion and clarification with the county government.

It should be noted that the project’s zone planning work began in September 2021 and has taken 18 months to complete.

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