TÜV NORD energy expert Silvio Konrad anticipates significant strides towards climate-neutral industrial production in Germany in 2024.

With ambitious goals set by the federal government, the focus is on the hydrogen core network, pipelines, and electrolyzers, ushering in a transformative era of renewable energies and hydrogen utilization.

Silvio Konrad, TÜV NORD energy expert, lends his perspective on the impending realization of Germany’s hydrogen ambitions. With the federal government targeting the operationalization of the hydrogen core network in 2025, Konrad emphasizes the feasibility of this ambitious plan, citing established safety considerations and the ongoing support of companies within the TÜV NORD GROUP.

According to TÜV NORD energy expert Silvio Konrad, 2024 holds promise for substantial progress in Germany’s transition to renewable energies and hydrogen utilization. With the groundwork laid for infrastructure development, including pipelines and underground storage, Konrad anticipates key implementation steps. However, he underscores the need for continued project development, especially in the realm of electrolysis.

As Germany advances its hydrogen infrastructure, TÜV NORD’s Silvio Konrad underscores the importance of early planning for decarbonization. With a focus on electrolyzers, underground storage, and converting LNG terminals for hydrogen use, Konrad stresses the intricate restructuring required in sectors consuming 14% of Germany’s energy for industrial processes. Early planning and infrastructure implementation are key accelerators, offering opportunities for diverse industries.

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