In the first half of 2023, Mexico may manufacture its first green hydrogen.

It will be used in local projects, according to Israel Hurtado, head of the Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH2), to supply businesses and aid in their decarbonization.

We will see the first synthesis of the first green hydrogen molecule in Mexico since firms are already researching the manufacture of green hydrogen to replace fossil fuels. The first molecule will undoubtedly be created in an industrial facility in the first few months of the next year on a limited scale with the installation of electrolyzers and the production of hydrogen, he continued.

Despite being employed in several industrial processes today, hydrogen is not environmentally friendly because it is produced using fossil fuels like natural gas. Green hydrogen, on the other hand, is created by a process called electrolysis, which only produces steam and involves separating the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water using electrical energy from renewable sources like the sun and wind.

In honor of today’s International Hydrogen Day, Hurtado recalled that, despite the difficulties the nation faces, it has only been a little over two years since the establishment of the Association and the production of hydrogen, which they view as a success and a collaborative effort between the businesses interested in the topic and those looking to decarbonize their operations.

«The Association was founded in February of last year, from scratch, and we currently have 50 associated companies. The truth is that it has been very rapid growth, very significant growth, and in February of 2023 when we will turn two years old, the first green hydrogen molecule in Mexico will be observed.

The roadmap was presented at the end of May, and since then, it has generated some really exciting outcomes. As an association, we will commemorate it with a general meeting of associates at the beginning of November to highlight some progress we have had. for the creation of green hydrogen, consumption, and the various industries it may benefit. “, emphasized AMH2’s executive director.

Other projects, such as the sustainable mobility project, which involves everything from heavy goods transport to public passenger transport, are already on the horizon in addition to the pilot project for the production of green hydrogen for the industry.

One additional will be built in Guanajuato to inject green hydrogen into the network for its combination with natural gas and to support the decarbonization of businesses. Both of these projects will be created by the company HDF and will be located in Baja California.


One option to quicken the energy transition and decarbonize everything from transportation to industry is to use green hydrogen.

With the advancement of technology, the country may add three million employment.

The potential for an investment of $60 billion

Hydrogen costs -1.4 dollars per kilo in Mexico against 2.3 dollars elsewhere in the globe.

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