Green Hydrogen Systems has agreed to supply electrolysis equipment for a project in Scotland with Edinburgh-based Logan Energy.

Two GHS HyProvide A90 electrolysers with a combined capacity of 0.9 MW are included in the order. The electrolysers will be installed as part of a complete green hydrogen plant in a 40-foot container at the ARBIKIE Distillery in Scotland. Green Hydrogen Systems will deliver the electrolyser units and, as part of a three-year service agreement, will provide on-site maintenance, remote monitoring, and support for the project.

The ARBIKIE project will consist of a single 1MW wind turbine on the distillery’s farmland, with the electricity generated being exported to Green Hydrogen Systems’ electrolysis plant. The ordered electrolysers will be able to produce up to 389 kg green hydrogen per day when fully operational in Q4 2022. The hydrogen produced will be used to replace the heating oil that the distillery currently uses to raise steam for the distillation process.

Logan Energy will operate the electrolysis plant. Logan Energy has placed a second order. The first one, for a project in Dorset, England, took place just two months ago.

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