The H2Sarea project is revolutionizing the natural gas distribution network by testing the incorporation of hydrogen alongside other renewable gases. Nortegas, a Basque company, has successfully completed trials with a 10% hydrogen blend and is now moving towards higher percentages.

This pioneering project aims to decarbonize natural gas consumption and accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Nortegas has conducted extensive trials injecting a mixture of 10% hydrogen and 90% natural gas into a replica of their distribution network, surpassing current legal limits. The replicated network, including operational elements such as regulating stations and meters, has been subjected to 3,000 hours of testing. The results have shown the readiness of natural gas networks to transport higher percentages of hydrogen, providing a significant opportunity for efficient decarbonization.

The primary goal of the H2Sarea project is to assess the safe integration of hydrogen in the existing natural gas distribution network. By incorporating renewable gases like biomethane and e-methane, the project seeks to decarbonize natural gas consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These innovative trials are a crucial step towards creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy system.

The successful implementation of hydrogen in natural gas networks holds several advantages. First, it offers a pathway to reduce carbon emissions in the gas sector, contributing to overall decarbonization efforts. By blending hydrogen into the gas network, the energy industry can tap into the vast potential of renewable hydrogen production. Moreover, this integration facilitates the use of existing gas infrastructure, minimizing the need for extensive infrastructure overhauls.

The H2Sarea project’s groundbreaking trials and future plans to test higher hydrogen blends mark a significant milestone in the energy transition. By proving the viability of incorporating hydrogen into natural gas networks, Nortegas is driving the decarbonization of the gas sector and fostering the utilization of renewable gases. This initiative holds the potential to reshape the energy landscape, contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner future.

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