H2SITE, a cutting-edge hydrogen solutions provider, has recently unveiled a revolutionary membrane separator that can extract hydrogen blends containing 5 to 20% hydrogen with a remarkable purity of over 99%.

Situated in Zamudio, Bizkaia, H2SITE’s new separation unit is strategically positioned on a natural gas distribution network, catering to hydrogen concentrations within the 5 to 20% range. What sets this installation apart is the utilization of palladium-alloy membrane separators, achieving an impressive 97% hydrogen recovery rate while ensuring purity levels that exceed industry standards.

The successful deployment of similar units by H2SITE, operating at elevated pressure levels, coupled with ongoing large-scale projects across Europe, underscores the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the hydrogen sector. By collaborating with regional distribution system operator Nortegas as part of the H2SAREA project, H2SITE has demonstrated the feasibility of separating hydrogen blends within the specified concentration range, thereby unlocking new possibilities for integrating renewable hydrogen into existing gas networks.

The ability to inject hydrogen into natural gas networks represents a pivotal advancement in energy distribution, offering a seamless pathway for transporting low-carbon, renewable hydrogen through established infrastructure. This approach not only maximizes the utilization of existing networks but also minimizes costs associated with hydrogen transportation, making it an attractive proposition for industries seeking to decarbonize their operations.

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