In order to accelerate the commercial usage of hydrogen as ship fuel, HAV Group ASA’s subsidiary firm HAV Hydrogen is getting ready to introduce a deck-based containerized hydrogen (H2) energy system for ships.

“Our solution to shipowners that seek a refit alternative that represents a materially lower cost and risk for vessels that have not previously been prepped for a standard retrofit installation below deck is the containerized, deck-based system. In contrast, it may be a solution for newly constructed boats that lessens the risk and complexity of a technology that is relatively new to most shipyards “According to Kristian Osnes, managing director of HAV Hydrogen, a system integrator for marine fuel cell systems.

The containerized solution from HAV Hydrogen is a self-contained, scalable power source with integrated support, safety, and power control systems. A typical 20-foot-long shipping container may be used to set up the system with 1,000 kW of output because it is based on 200kW hydrogen fuel cell modules. Larger capacity energy systems will also be offered by employing larger containers or combining many containers. The installed effect can be used for the vessel’s primary propulsion systems or as an auxiliary power source.

In order to deliver the best possible zero emission power under the required operating conditions, sailing patterns, and vessel type, output impact will be dimensioned.”

For many different vessel types, our containerized approach may be the quickest path to zero emissions. Installing it is simple, and by purchasing a turnkey solution for a set fee, the user is given a speedier path through the difficult regulatory procedure for hydrogen systems.

This will therefore enable us to make use of various financing options, which we anticipate will be required to launch the zero-emission market “Kristian Osnes says. HAV Hydrogen will serve shipowners, ship designers, and shipyards as professional system integrators for maritime fuel cell systems to provide an ideal design, integration, and installation process.

The hydrogen-based energy system created by the ground-breaking FreeCO2ast project, which created a marine hydrogen-based energy system with a liquid hydrogen tank below deck, provides the foundation for the containerized H2 solution. The below deck system has received preliminary certification from DNV and the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

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