HevenDrones has unveiled its first hydrogen-fueled H2D55 drone as part of its ongoing attempts to develop more durable, environmentally friendly alternatives to lithium battery-powered UAV operations.

based in Tel Aviv The H2D55, the first of three drones powered by hydrogen technology that HevenDrones aims to release throughout 2023, was presented. The first UAV can fly for up to 100 minutes and carry a maximum payload of 7 kilograms because to hydrogen’s greater energy reserves than lithium batteries. Both flying time and hauling capacities will be increased, according to the business, in the models it is getting ready to ship over the next nine months.

First of all, less frequent battery replacement results in fewer flight delays, longer air time, and more work performed in a given time frame.

In order to address the expectations of both enterprise and defense customers, HevenDrones is creating a larger carbon-neutral, hydrogen-powered H2D UAV product range.

The H2D55 is programmable with a control system that contains numerous gyroscopes and supports algorithms designed to increase the operating limits of stable flight, in addition to being lightweight and adaptable for many aerial applications.

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