HRS, a prominent European hydrogen refueling station designer and manufacturer, has secured a new firm order for two specialized hydrogen refueling stations from Plug Power.

The primary goal of this collaboration is aligned with Plug Power’s ambitious European development plan. The focus is on providing essential hydrogen refueling infrastructure for handling facilities. HRS has strategically designed these refueling stations to cater specifically to forklift fleets equipped with Plug’s fuel cell solutions. This initiative aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered forklifts, contributing to cleaner and more sustainable handling operations.

HRS’s competitive edge lies in the development of specialized refueling stations tailored to Plug Power’s requirements. These stations are equipped to efficiently supply hydrogen to forklift fleets, showcasing the adaptability of hydrogen fuel cell technology in industrial applications. The technology employed ensures a seamless integration of hydrogen-powered solutions into Plug Power’s ecosystem.

The installation of these two new stations in the UK is a testament to the growing footprint of hydrogen infrastructure in Europe. Plug Power’s commitment to reducing carbon footprints aligns with HRS’s vision for sustainable mobility. By expanding the availability of hydrogen refueling stations, the collaboration contributes to the development of a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem, particularly in handling and logistics operations.

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