Hycamite TCD Technologies, a pioneer in emission-free methane pyrolysis technology, has secured significant investments from renowned organizations like Sojitz Group and Stephen Industries.

With a total of 25 million euros in funding, Hycamite aims to scale its innovative technology for decarbonizing industries and serve clients across North America, Japan, and Europe. This investment marks a significant milestone in the advancement of Hycamite’s low-carbon hydrogen production and sustainable carbon products.

Hycamite’s cutting-edge technology focuses on decomposing methane into hydrogen and carbon, offering a solution to decarbonize industrial processes. Unlike conventional methods, Hycamite’s TCD technology does not release greenhouse gas emissions and utilizes sustainable catalysts. The energy efficiency of their process is remarkable, requiring only 13% of the energy needed for electrolysis-based hydrogen production.

By using methane as a feedstock, Hycamite enables rapid scalability of hydrogen production. The technology can utilize methane from various sources such as natural gas, biomethane, or synthetic methane. Additionally, the petrochemical industry’s side streams can also serve as raw materials. Notably, if biomethane or e-methane produced with ambient CO2 is used, the resulting hydrogen would be carbon negative, making it even more environmentally friendly.

The investment from Sojitz Group, a conglomerate committed to realizing a decarbonized society, signifies the strategic importance of Hycamite’s zero-emission hydrogen technology. Sojitz aims to leverage its expertise and global networks to expand the use of zero-emission hydrogen and market carbon products. Similarly, Stephen Industries highlights their support for Finnish technology that addresses climate change and emphasizes the importance of investing in innovative solutions.

Hycamite’s methane pyrolysis technology not only enables hydrogen production but also generates versatile carbon nanoproducts. These nanoproducts find applications in various industries, including Li-ion batteries, concrete, composite materials, and filter purifiers. By diversifying the hydrogen project offering and replacing gray hydrogen in industrial applications, Hycamite contributes to the growth of the hydrogen economy.

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