The past two weeks have seen Hydrogen Bar System (HBS) generate major waves in the world of green hydrogen, riding the crest of success at two key conferences in Europe and the Middle East.

From Belgium’s prestigious European Industry & Energy Summit to the Green Hydrogen Summit in Oman, HBS has made a compelling case for its innovative technology, sparking serious interest and potential partnerships.

Dragon’s Den delights

Imagine being chosen for investment not once, but twice, by a panel of industry heavyweights. That’s exactly what happened to HBS at the European Industry & Energy Summit’s “Dragon’s Den of Transition.” The Dragons, representing giants like Port of Rotterdam, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, and EIT InnoEnergy, were clearly impressed by HBS’s potential, recognizing its disruptive approach to hydrogen storage and transport. This double endorsement is a powerful testament to the viability and market relevance of HBS’s technology.

From Europe to Oman, interest ignited

The momentum carried over to the Green Hydrogen Summit in Oman, where HBS took center stage on the final day. The presentation of the patented technology generated significant buzz, attracting not just interest, but concrete offers of support. This enthusiastic response from across the globe underscores the growing urgency for efficient and scalable hydrogen solutions, and HBS’s offering seems to be hitting the right notes.

What is HBS all about?

HBS’s innovation lies in its unique system for transporting and storing compressed hydrogen. Their vertical, tubular structure uses non-return valves to efficiently manage gas flow, while heating and cooling elements ensure temperature control. This closed-loop system boasts advantages like safety, scalability, and reduced environmental impact, making it an attractive alternative to conventional methods.

The past two weeks have shown that HBS is more than just a promising technology; it’s a catalyst for change. The enthusiastic reception at prestigious conferences and the concrete offers of support are clear indicators of the industry’s recognition of HBS’s potential to disrupt the status quo and pave the way for a greener future.

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