As Europe stands at the crossroads of its energy trajectory, the upcoming 2024 European elections herald a pivotal moment for shaping the continent’s energy landscape.

In a bold move, the association has unveiled a comprehensive manifesto, outlining key recommendations to expedite the transition to green hydrogen and navigate the continent towards a sustainable energy future.

Against the backdrop of escalating climate concerns and mounting pressure to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the manifesto serves as a clarion call for decisive action. With a keen focus on aligning with the European Union’s ambitious carbon neutrality targets, Hydrogen Europe sets forth 16 pivotal actions aimed at catalyzing the energy transition. These actions span a spectrum of imperatives, ranging from fostering a robust industrial foundation for hydrogen technologies to fostering an enabling regulatory environment conducive to clean hydrogen production.

Central to the manifesto’s vision is the imperative of bolstering Europe’s competitive edge in the burgeoning hydrogen sector. Recognizing the strategic significance of hydrogen in driving economic growth and fostering innovation, Hydrogen Europe advocates for strategic interventions to accelerate the integration of renewable energy sources, foster market dynamism, and champion forward-looking industrial policies. By nurturing a conducive ecosystem for hydrogen innovation, the manifesto aims to position Europe as a global leader in sustainable energy solutions.

A cornerstone of the manifesto lies in the imperative of fostering seamless collaboration and infrastructural cohesion across Europe. Emphasizing the indispensability of a well-defined hydrogen infrastructure, Hydrogen Europe underscores the need for a unified European hydrogen network strategy.

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