With the construction of a new 500 MW production facility in Texas, HydrogenPro will increase its operations in the US.

The new plant is expected to initially have a 500 MW capacity, with the option to later dramatically grow that capacity up to several gigawatts.

With this change, HydrogenPro will be able to produce 800 MW of product overall, which is a significant step towards building a global footprint. Up to $50 million USD is the anticipated cost of the entire investment. An innovative electrode production plant that is separate from the investment cost is a technological game-changer for the HydrogenPro solutions portfolio. The R&D division of HydrogenPro in Denmark is where this technology was developed.

Since HydrogenPro’s European sales staff has been servicing the US market for some time, there is a sizable pipeline of interesting and worthwhile projects that are already under way. Parallel to the increase of manufacturing, the US organisation will be strengthened.

The US has taken the lead in the global market for green hydrogen as consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), passed by Congress in August 2022, are starting to be felt. The favourable tax structure for green hydrogen producers has led to an increase in demand.

The US market is HydrogenPro’s main focus, and the continent’s production capability offers a crucial foundation for success with the company’s previously stated growth aspirations.

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